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Thanks, hope to talk soon. 

~ Terri 

a little about me..

since the early 1990's I've worked in some capacity as a photographer, engaging in the genres of photojournalism, commercial, editorial and fine art.  At the beginning of my career I shot exclusively with black and white film, making silver prints in my darkroom. digital technology has allowed for a more expansive range of work that compliments my analog passion and the craft of making images.


I'm inspired primarily by photojournalists, documentary and art photographers such as W. Eugene Smith, Dorthea Lange, Robert Capa, Alfred Stiegliz, Mary Ellen Mark, 

Emmet Gowin and Sally Mann. 

In a formal setting, I studied political science at The Pennsylvania State University. Informally, I learned much more.. hanging around photo studios, meeting people & photographing  on the street, traveling. being technically challenged, my negatives were always a mess, which made my printing skills a whole lot better. i rarely use studio lights probably because i'm not very good with them, but using natural light seems to be instinctive for me.

my genuine passion is to reach a deeper understanding of humanity.

gasp. that's a tall order, so usually i'm satisfied when I make a still image that captures a moment or gesture that reflects something below the surface, whether unique or universal, that's relatable.

i'm insanely happy about being a mom, love to cook with fresh, seasonal ingredients,  a wanna be farmer, political junkie, happiest outdoors and active, have an insatiable curiosity about astronomy and am grateful just being a part of this crazy existence. 

get in touch

0 Summer Street, Ipswich, MA 01938  /  Tel. 617-513-2921

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fine art

terri's work is available in various print sizes. 

  please inquire about pricing.

marsh creek



Marsh Creek Studios offers lifestyle wedding photography. Terri and her colleague, Alex Knudsen founded the studio and together they offer full service wedding coverage with multiple packages and options. 

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